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Why Just Writing?

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This is the first blog on the shiny new website of my shiny new business and I’m more than a little over the moon about it all.

The truth is, I’ve written stuff for years; for myself, for my boss when I was employed and in recent years for clients of my VA business. But I didn’t really consider myself a writer, or maybe I did but just didn’t feel brave enough to say it out loud.

So, I’m saying it now! I’m a qualified copywriter and proofreader which of course is important, but as important (or you might think more), is I’m passionate about it, about the written word, the well put together sentence, the emotions words can produce.

Words don’t have to be poetry to have a profound emotional impact on someone. Think of a book you’ve read that moved you to tears, made you take a different turn in your life, change your career, your relationship or your outlook on life. Words did that!

I’ve read hundreds of books in my life and proofread quite a few (which is not at all the same thing) The written word is a hugely subjective thing, one person’s Emily Bronte is another person’s Barbara Cartland, and we should try not to be snobs about it, surely any reading is better than no reading at all.

In any case, I’m going off the subject (not good for a writer) So, having decided to make writing my career, why call my business Just Writing? Because of course, it isn’t, it’s editing and proofreading too. Well, it’s a kind of nod to the fact that so many people think writing is just that; just writing, if you get my drift.

But of course, there is no such thing as just writing, if you write novels you want people to be moved by them, scared by them, or just plain amazed. If you write copy you want it to help sell your client’s services or products or engage with their interests, their ethos, their way of life.

So, there you are; it’s not just writing or Just Writing, there’s so much more to it than that.

I would just like to say, thank you to Naomi & Chris at for my lovely new website.