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Why copywriting is the new black

Why indeed? Well, it’s the new black because we’re everywhere. Yep, copywriters coming out of your ears, at networking groups, on Facebook groups, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social media you like to mention. Some, (me included) even have a temptingly created Instagram account to show that we can take and display photos (can’t everyone these days?) as well as writing amazing copy.

So, should we be worried all us copywriters rushing around out there? No, I don’t think so. How many plumbers, lawyers, IT support specialists are there around? Plenty, and I don’t see any of them struggling for work. Often because they have their own specialisms, corporate law, family, law, bathroom installations (not the lawyers obviously), boilers, and so on.

It’s the same with copywriting, there are so many areas to specialise in, SEO, BTB, adverts, leaflets, white papers, technical, blogging, product descriptions, the list goes on.

For example, I know a copywriter who specialises in company reports and wouldn’t have the slightest interest in writing a product description or blogging for a yoga teacher.

I on the other hand, love blogging for yoga teachers or anyone else for that matter. I also enjoy and actively seek out flyers, leaflets and brochures because I like to be involved in the design aspect and sometimes I’m allowed to choose the pictures. See, all that Instagramming isn’t wasted.

So, although copywriting is the new black, it differs greatly in that it may be long, short, have frills on or just be plain straight up and down and there’s work out there for all of us.