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Things I’ve learnt in 2020

2020 will go down in history as ‘one of those years’ like 1914, 1918, 1939, 1066! A year when the world changed irrevocably.

In January this year, who’d heard of Covid 19? Some scientists, some people in China and maybe a few in Italy, but that was about it. Little did we, here in the UK, and the rest of the world have even the tiniest idea how the world, our world was about to change.

Of course, it has affected me, but I feel lucky that I haven’t lost anyone, I work from home so in that respect nothing’s changed. I couldn’t go to the shops, but who needs new clothes when you’re not going anywhere?  It’s been more difficult to see my grown-up children and that’s the worst thing for me.

But something like this can change your perception of those around you and the world in general. I’ve learnt things this year, things I’m glad I learnt and things I would rather not know. So, what are those things, good and bad?

  1. Strangers can be kind and caring
  2. Strangers can be mean and greedy
  3. If you have pasta and tinned tomatoes you can always make a meal
  4. If greedy people stockpile, there is no pasta or tinned tomatoes on the supermarket shelves
  5. You don’t need to wear lipstick if you’re wearing a facemask ( it makes a hell of a mess)
  6. Wearing glasses and a facemask are mutually exclusive if you want to see where you’re going
  7. Being able to walk along the Southbank and see the London Eye is life affirming
  8. The desire to hug your children (even when you shouldn’t) is almost unbearable
  9. When a whole street of people clap their hands at once the dog goes crazy
  10. You can buy refills for Carex soap
  11. Family quizzes are actually okay
  12. Your friends still love you even if you haven’t seen them for months
  13. Zooming is not just something the dog does when excited
  14. Making cakes is quite enjoyable
  15. I’m lucky

Joking aside, it’s hard to take anything positive from 2020, but the fact that I and my loved ones are still here, have homes, jobs and each other is all I need for now.