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Why I won’t be eating the dog.

In the unprecedented situation that we’re all facing at the moment I think many of us are worried. There’s the old saying that you shouldn’t worry about things that you can’t do anything about, but for me it doesn’t work like that.  Personally, I worry more about things that I have no control over.

So, I’m trying to keep calm as another well known saying goes. Even though my staple diet of pasta, rice, lentils and tinned beans (supplemented with fresh veg) is almost impossible to come by at the moment because greedy people are buying in bulk and filling their garages, basements, wherever with enough food for a year long siege.  I can’t even eat the dog because I’m a vegetarian, Ha! Joke, before anyone reports me.  She’s only a small dog so she wouldn’t last long anyway.

Of course, my other concern is catching the virus, but I have to accept that is a distinct possibility given the projected figures, even though I’m doing everything I can to minimise the risk.

I’m lucky enough to work from home but I’m still obviously concerned about loved ones who don’t.

What am I doing to stop myself freaking out in my (at the moment) self-imposed exile?

  1. I get dressed properly every morning and put on makeup. No sitting around in PJs.
  2. Do a few Yoga stretches and deep breathing before breakfast.
  3. Do all the things I have been neglecting, my blog, social media, so that I can see this time as a positive.
  4. Light scented candles, pleasant scents are known to be relaxing.
  5. Look forward to planned events (this can’t go on forever).
  6. Regularly facetime and interact online with my grown-up children, other family and friends. This for me is so important because not only can we reassure each other that we’re all okay, but it’s good for the spirit to see and speak to loved ones even if it’s not in person.
  7. During periods when I would normally be out shopping or meeting friends for coffee, I try to do something productive like clear out my wardrobes, clean the kitchen cupboards or any jobs I’ve been putting off. Boring I know, but at least it takes my mind off my worries.
  8. Make things, I love making mosaics, felt pictures, jewellery, even colouring.
  9. I haven’t done this yet because I can not sing! But someone I know has joined an online choir and found it very uplifting. I’m sure there will be other types of online groups to join.
  10. Music can be one of the most relaxing things. I’ve recently discovered music tuned to 432HZ. It’s the original way in which music was composed and is supposed to have a calming influence on the human mind and body. If you want to know more about it and listen to some you can follow this link I find it relaxing.

So, this is how I will be staying calm over the next few weeks and months however long it takes for life to return to normal. After all, surely keeping calm is not only good for mental health but good for the body.

Don’t panic everyone, there’s nothing to see here and no dogs being eaten!